Class of 2021 Graduation

Urban Skate Park

2021 graduation at Berthoud High School starts at 3:00pm and goes on for an hour to an hour and a half on May 29th at the school. Celebrating the seniors there will be a very nice speech with an intro from Mister Boshman, there will be valedictorians that will speak, and there will be another student speaker but who that may be is still undecided. Although seniors must have individual tickets paid for family to come, each senior who is attending graduation will be able to bring four people along with them. The clothing restrictions for visitors and participants are pretty much just dress appropriately and no spiked heels. Other than that and basic laws/manners there aren’t many restrictions regarding graduation. Grad will be held outside the school with the BHS concert band playing different sorts of school appropriate music. Berthoud staff plan to have graduation outside just like every year before because they plan for good weather, but if there does happen to be bad weather that day the graduation will be brought inside. Dee Lindstrom says ¨ If the weather gets to where we cant be outside any longer and have to move it inside, well we never had that so we're gonna have to be optimistic¨. At the ceremony the school board including Mister Dewall will be seated on the stage and the student body president, Ella Tow will announce students' names as they walk across the stage. There is no need for any volunteers because our BHS staff and district staff will be there to provide their services. Graduation this year will be super nice and fun. Congratulations to the class of 2021, good job guys.