Coronavirus causes an extended spring break

Kylie Finnegan // BHS Maroon Tribune // Berthoud, CO // 3.13.20 As Coronavirus aka COVID-19 rapidly spreads around Colorado, and the world, concerns from different school districts in the state continue to rise. Several different schools here in Colorado have cancelled and postponed classes. Schools such as CSU, CU, and multiple elementary, middle, and high schools have either moved their classes online or been released for an extended spring break. Break has already been extended by a week but if it is extended longer classes may be moved online. Several teachers here at Berthoud High have been preparing just in case classes have to be online after spring break ends. “A lot of my teachers today have sent out emails or talked to our classes about how online classes will work if school is cancelled further than two weeks after spring break.” states Elizabeth Speer, a sophomore here at the high school. Students were told during their Thursday advisory classes that all of their belongings should be taken home with them during their time off so the school could be thoroughly cleaned. Most teachers have created shared drives or utilized apps such as “Remind” which will make it easy for students to get work done if a cancellation does occur. “I think that we should just be able to do online schooling if they are concerned because they already postponed our spring sports.” says freshman Kayla Wiggins. CHSAA has released an official statement saying that all spring sports will be postponed until early April. Teachers here at BHS are mostly worried about what will happen if their classes are moved online as a precautionary measure due to the coronavirus. Nothing has officially happened yet, decisions can not be made until more information about the virus and how bad it is gets released.