ZEN ZONE: Relaxing New Addition to Berthoud High School

If you have been upstairs in the past week of Berthoud High School you might have seen the sign that a new room is under construction, this room under renovation is called the ZEN ZONE. A room meant for students to relax and destress whenever needed. The room is attended by Dianne Arnett or Coach D. While Coach D is not a sports coach, she is instead a coach for mental health and a life coach. Coach D is a social, emotional learning specialist who can help you with stress management, emotional regulation, and relationship help with parents, other students, friends, and even yourself. Coach D is currently working on staff self-compassion fatigue, helping teachers during teacher appreciation week.

The ZEN ZONE will be filled with futuristic water fountains along with all kinds of objects that can help your sensory cues for relaxing and taking your mind off something. Having been in the room, I can say that the room is a very relaxing environment filled with many different objects that would help you take your mind off something and instead relax and destress. One of the things that Coach D said is going to be there is biofeedback. The student would connect a sensor to their ear and have an app on their phone, which would tell you your heartbeat and walk you through a relaxing process.

( A Few Pictures of the New Room)

The ZEN ZONE is open to all students as long as the door is open, but if you come from a classroom you need a note from your teacher. If you have an off period or anything of that sort as long as the door is open the room is available. If a student needs more one on one time with stress management or relaxation, the student could make an appointment through the counselor website on BHS.

The importance of stress management and emotion regulation could not be understated. High School students are known to suffer from a lot of stress, anxiety, and emotions every day according to healthychildren.org, “1 and 3 of all adolescents ages 13 to 18 will experience an anxiety disorder.” with it only being multiplied by COVID recently. With this high amount of stress and anxiety, it is very important that stress and emotions are paid attention to and not pushed down. Coach D suggests that when you are feeling stressed and very emotional, an easy thing to remember to do is “stop drop and roll''. She does not mean physically, instead stop for a moment and try to think about why you are stressed in the first place. Drop your shoulders and take a deep breath in. Finally, roll your shoulders and breathe out slowly. Another tip she taught me is to first simplify your stress, take a minute and think about why you are stressed in the first place. Take a break and do something that can help you practice destressing, for example, take a walk, get a drink of water, or even something like a scream in a pillow. It's important to know, if there are serious amounts of stress and anxiety, like a panic attack or something of that nature it's always important to get help.

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