Vaccines Readily Available for Students 16 and Up

Holden James // BHS Maroon Tribune // Berthoud, CO // 04/27/2021

Colorado is currently in Phase Two of its vaccination program, which states that currently the general public age 16 and up are allowed to be vaccinated. As of writing this article (April 27th) the only vaccine that is eligible for people aged 16-17 is the Pfizer Vaccine, meaning high school students who aren't 18 yet are only authorized to take the Pfizer vaccine. Other manufacturers like Moderna and Johnson and Johnson are testing and waiting for their vaccine to be approved for use on young adults in the coming future.

With the vaccine readily available in Colorado, if you want to get your vaccine and are above the age of 16, now is your time. Currently, there are many places in both Longmont and Loveland some you don't even need an appointment for.

Even Berthoud is hosting a vaccination center in the parking lot of 3rd St. and Mountain Avenue on the 26th of April from 10 am until 6 pm (Link to Signup).

The vaccine rollout will be very helpful within our Berthoud community, as currently, Berthoud has the highest number of cases per 100k in Larimer County beating out both Loveland and Fort Collins. ( Larimer The vaccines should both lower the severity and the number of cases spread throughout the Berthoud community.

(Screenshot of Graph on Larimer County Website, April 26)

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