Underappreciated People in History - Willis Carrier

With summer starting, warm weather is right around the corner. In Colorado, the dry heat can be a lot to handle, especially in June and July. There are a lot of ways you can go to cool off like going swimming or drinking a cold glass of water. Nothing, however, feels nicer than walking into a room that is shielded from the heat by air conditioning.

Air conditioning, more commonly referred to as AC, is one of the greatest modern inventions ever created. It has saved lives and made life more comfortable for people around the world. Willis Carrier is the man who created AC. In 1902, Carrier worked at a printing plant in Brooklyn, NY. He needed to find a way to cool their factory down because workers were getting too hot. To do this, he invented the air conditioning unit. At the time, the AC unit had a series of coils filled with cold water. The air would pass through these coils and come out colder than it had been going in.

Carrier created a company that would produce and distribute his creation to everyone in the country. Air conditioning became a huge success. Homeowners across the country were flocking to the store to buy themselves an AC unit. As the invention became more and more popular, advancements in technology allowed the AC unit to become more modern. Through the late 1900s, AC units were produced to be more effective and efficient, making it more convenient than ever to own one.

Today, almost every household in America owns an air conditioner. Whether it is a portable AC unit, or one built into your home, air conditioning has become part of our way of life. Summers would be unbearably hot without this amazing invention. We have Willis Carrier to thank for it.

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