Spring Break In 2021!

Spring Break is only a couple weeks away and it is an understatement to say that we all are excited. As of this Spring Break we have dealt with the Coronavirus for a year. We are wiser and more resilient than ever. But what is there to do now that we can do more? Lucky for you, I have put together some things that are back to being open for you to do this break in Berthoud and Loveland!

Dine-In at a Restaurant!

If you live in Berthoud, you are no stranger to Grandpa’s Cafe by Hays Market. A classic diner setup with excellent food is back to allowing dine-in. You can take a friend for breakfast and a cup of coffee!

If you are looking for something for lunch, look no further than Cocina & Cantina Mexican Restaurant. Sitting at the corner of Mountain Ave. and 4th St. is where you can find the perfect place to get a big portion of authentic Mexican food along with a nice place to sit while you enjoy it.

However if you are trying to think of a place for dinner, you have to try Bradford’s Grub and Grog. On Mountain Ave. on the south side of the street, provides seating for large groups who are ready to dine. With amazing food and a chance to even better company it is a must!


Need to get out of your house for a bit? Well if you are up for the quick drive over to the Summit in Windsor, you can go play arcade games and bowl till your heart's content! Bring some friends and get your laser tag game face on! Keep your mask up and have a great time!

Take a dip into the pool, go work out for a bit, take a moment to workout at the Chilson Center in Loveland! Due to Covid-19 don’t forget to make an appointment to be able to go for a swim and to use certain facilities but you have all of Spring Break open to make sure you can get back to being active!

Movie theaters are open! Buy your tickets online to go enjoy a good time at the movies. You can get a small group of friends together for a movie night with some popcorn and snacks!

Leave the State?!

With there being so many lifts on the Coronavirus rules we have become used to, traveling is back up and running! Make sure to get tested before heading anywhere and make sure to be cautious!

Kick it at home!

It can all be overwhelming trying to go back to anything normal so don’t forget that you can still spend time at home doing everything you did last year if that makes you happy! Over this past year we have learned how to spend time at home and make it fun, so why not use some of your new skills from quarantine 2020?

All Spring Break plans aside, don’t forget that here at Berthoud High School, after the break instead of getting two more weeks off we will be coming back to school full-time! So while on Spring Break 2021 be sure to get rested up for the last quarter of the school year and to have back to school materials ready!

Have a great Spring Break everyone!

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