Special pep rally coming up, it’s one students won’t want to miss

Jordan Schachterle // BHS Maroon Tribune // Berthoud, CO // 2.14.2020

Get ready BHS students, your Student Council is putting on a pep assembly on February 24! The assembly will feature a few of the activities that you’ve seen in the previous ones this school year, but there’s going to be some special activities too.

There will be of course a couple of class competition games. The exact activity cannot yet be revealed but it will involve bubble wrap and basketball; an interesting combination if you ask me. The prizes for this assembly are going to be bigger and better than ever so if you want to win some awesome prize packs be sure to participate.

Everyone knows the game Kahoot, we’ve all played it in class at some point. But, have you ever seen a Kahoot played by an entire gym full of students? Well, you’ll see it right here at BHS in just a few weeks. The game will be an interesting theme: how well do you know your BHS teachers? If I were you, I might go out and prepare for this Kahoot and find out some fun facts about all of your teachers.

I’ve got a teacher fun fact for you: Mr. Hoepfner can play the drums. We’ve all seen him bust a move to some party music, but can he play that music? Mr. Hoepfner will face off against a student to see who will be crowned the drum champion. Who knows, there may even be some other teachers with music talent hidden up their sleeves?

Along with all of the fun and games, Student Council will take the time to recognize some of the awesome students who attend Berthoud High School. These recognitions will include the knowledge bowl, robotics, cheer, swimming, wrestling, and basketball teams. Each student participating on one of these teams will be given special recognition and some Spartan swag.

“You’re gonna wanna see this one,” Student Council President Eric Godfrey said, “this might be our best pep rally yet.”

Don’t miss out on BHS Student Council’s winter pep rally. Be there at the end of the day February 24 to play some awesome games, have the chance to win special prizes, and cheer on amazing Spartan students!

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