Sources of Strength supports students at BHS

Stella Cabrera and Charlee Russick// BHS Maroon Tribune // Berthoud // 01/21/2021

Sources of Strength is a nationwide organization at Berthoud High School that advocates suicide prevention. Allison Lanter, the teacher who is in charge of the group here, got involved after experiencing “several traumatic events that took place at the high school.” From there some “enthusiastic students took charge” and together they brought the program to Berthoud High School. Together they have goals to “help students recognize and focus on their areas of strength, such as positive friends, healthy activities, family support, generosity, spirituality, mentors, physical health, and mental health. As a group, (they) also really try to connect with students and make sure that they feel seen and heard.”

Sources of Strength has already started taking action this year by setting up an online movie night that the whole school was invited to. Now, they are working to “put together a welcome-back celebration for the students, and some mental health activities coming up in the next few months.” If a student wants to be a part of their movement to help people this year, they can join a google meet on Wednesdays during the lunch period and use the code pxgatxh to get in. They are accepting everyone this year due to covid, but in the past students were recommended by classmates.

The Sources of Strength group teams up with other high schools in the district to come with more ideas for their students. They also hope to maybe team up with the Sources of Strength team at Turner Middle School.

Lanter said that the group welcomes new participants. “We'd love people to join us,” she said. “We have so much fun, and there's always a ton of laughter and positivity.”

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