Shooting Starr Quilting, Berthoud's newest business

If you’re a proud supporter of Berthoud business, you’ve probably heard one that is run by a member of the Carder family. Maybe you sent your children to Carder Family Daycare, or maybe you have your lawn mowed by Carder Family Lawn Service. Either way, their businesses have always lived up to their high standards.

But there’s a new Carder family business in town and this time, it’s for the sewers and quilters in the community. Emily Carder started Shooting Starr Quilting in December of 2019. Carder owns a long arm sewing machine along with many other quilting supplies. She creates quilts for her customers including baby quilts, t-shirt quilts, and custom quilts.

“I’ve always loved sewing and I’ve always wanted to buy a long arm machine,” Carder said about starting the business, “I love being able to create quilts for everyone’s special occasions.”

Shooting Starr Quilting also provides finishing services for quilts with decorative stitching to hold all the pieces together. The stitching is fully customizable and customers are able to pick a special design to have on their quilt.

Carder has been quilting since she was in elementary school and it has been a passion of hers for many years and now she is able to use her passion to help others create beautiful quilts. If you have a quilt to be finished or one to be created, Shooting Starr Quilting is the way to go.

You can contact Emily Carder on the phone at (303) 472-1651, by email at, or visit Shooting Starr Quilting’s Facebook page.

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