Recreation center coming to Berthoud

Matt Haberkon // BHS Maroon Tribune // Berthoud, CO // 2.14.2020

The future is bright for the Berthoud Parks and Recreation Department and for the entire community. On the corner of Bunyan and Berthoud Parkway on the Northeast side of town, the Waggner Farm property is officially going to be developed into a recreation center and community space.

Deputy Town Administrator Jeremy Olinger explained that the project is currently in the 50% construction document phase. “The design documents are done, we are working with consultants on final minimal changes and details to the entire property as they refine the project as well as put hard numbers of costs and bids to build for upcoming contractor bidding of work,” he said.

A project as massive as this one has been in the works for months and the timeline for the project totals up to over two years. Olinger said the construction timeline itself is expected to be 16 months and the opening date will likely be in late August or early September of 2021.

Although it’s a long wait, Berthoud residents should be getting excited about what is to come once this project is completed. The benefits range from more recreation activities for people of all ages to there finally being a place in town to host community events.

“As many as can be for all age groups and people alike, there will be community space indoors and out for use, gym courts for Town activities and organizational groups as well as membership use,” Olinger said on the benefits of the project.

“It will provide a meeting place, a better complete fitness and health opportunity as well as experience overall, it will unite the community for a place to meet, socialize, entertain, become healthier mentally and physically as we anticipate hosting clinics, classes, seminars, wellness groups, etc, etc. in addition to all the exercise and health benefits.”

The recreation center itself will house two gym courts, a walking track around the gym, fitness equipment, a climbing wall, and an aquatics center which will include lap lanes, a slide, kiddie pools, a lazy river, and lots of event space. Outside of the building, there will be walking trails, open areas, playgrounds, multi-purpose fields, and the opportunity for a future skate park.

This project will allow the Berthoud Recreation department a place to focus their business from and they will be able to offer an even wider range of sports to all Berthoud residents. Today, recreation programs utilize school facilities and they face many conflicts through using them. With the recreation center, those conflicts will be eliminated and it will be a beneficial place to all.

“If I may briefly speak for the Town Staff and Board of Trustees, this is more than just a rec center project,” Olinger said, “this is opportunity to develop a 60-acre property into an amazing recreation amenity for the Berthoud community that checks a lot of parks, recreation, open space, and trail boxes for all walks of life and backgrounds to use and call their own.”

Computer generated image of the rec center.

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