Rec Center to be Completed by October

Nautica Lessley// BHS Maroon Tribune // Berthoud, CO // 02/11/2021

The idea of the Rec Center had been discussed among staff members for years. The community is excited that the construction on it is going smoothly and with no major setbacks and will be finished by October 2021.

With the Rec Center having a pool, gym, climbing wall, and fitness classes, there are plenty of things to be excited about. It will have many different uses for senior citizens, millennials, and children in Berthoud. Deputy Town Administrator, Jeremy Olinger said “our intent and hope is that there is something for everyone to be excited about, the rec center and farm park will have lots to do and experience for everyone.”

The Rec Center has been an efficient development so far having no large setbacks. If construction stays like this it will be done by the Fall of this year. The community has also been helpful by keeping the neighborhood a clean and pleasant place to work. Everybody working on this project appreciates all the volunteers helping with the noise, the trash, social distancing, etc. Jeremy Olinger again said, “ we do appreciate all of the community’s support and patience during the project”.

The Berthoud Rec Center has been an idea floating around the heads of town administrators for years, and now that it is under construction there is much relief that it is being built according to plan. This 27 to 34 million dollar project has had no setbacks so far.

The businesses we can thank for being sponsors for this project are Hilltop Broadband, B-Town Automotive, Apex Shredding, A&W All American Food, Mainstreet Car Care, Pioneer Landscaping, Hays Market, Edward Jones Investments, BWS, and Brekke Storage.

Due to Covid19, the workers have had to make small adjustments to combat the ongoing challenges presented in the past year. Park Deputy Town Administrator, Jeremy Olinger said “sanitizing precautions and worker quarantines are always considered an appropriate procedure to keep the site working and following the state orders”. More changes to their work zone have been made recently, they now have construction meetings on zoom and online, on- site they wear masks and social distance, and the sample tours and site meetings are now a fraction of the size they used to be to prevent large gatherings of people.

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