Night Astronomy, A Otherworldly Experience of a Class

If you have ever been to Berthoud Highschool or even drove past it on Spartan Ave, you have seen the big blue metal silos. If you are well versed in Berthoud or even looked at a map of the high school you know that those big blue metal containers are telescopes. Berthoud High school has its own observatory, except not really, technically that observatory belongs to Little Thompson. The Observatory is available for everyone as long as you schedule a visit, or if you choose to show up on one of their public star nights. That being said Berthoud still has permission to use the observatory and the collection of telescopes in the Night Astronomy class taught every Monday at 6-9/10.

Night Astronomy is taught by the physics teacher here at Berthoud Highschool, Scott Kindt. If you have ever walked through the horseshoe part of the school upstairs you have probably seen his Astrophotography(pictures taken of the sky). The images of nebulas and galaxies are all taken by him. Students have the opportunity to use the equipment, supplied by the observatory to look at and explore the night sky. Students are asked to find the celestial object then draw and sketch the objects at the end of the class. The class also gives you the ability to do some astrophotography of your own.

(Picture I took of Orion March 29th)

Night Astronomy is a great class to take if you have ever looked up at the sky during a dark night and wondered about the stars and galaxies. I highly recommend the class for anyone next year, just make sure you have an open schedule and are ready to participate and put in the effort.

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