New Members To The BHS Family

What would we do without wonderful teachers and a marvelous staff? The answer is simple: schools would crumble. At Berthoud High School, each role in the building must be performed to its full potential in order to allow students to excel. That would be the exact reason why new staff are so important. They bring a new light to the school, they give students something, knowing it or not, that is so special in their own way. However because of Covid-19 many students haven’t had the opportunity to engage with some of BHS’s new staff, which is unfair to both the staff and the students. So without further ado, allow us to introduce you to the wonderful new members to the BHS family!

Language Arts Teachers

One of the new teachers this year is Michael Schufer. He teaches English, Bible Literature, Speech, and is even thinking about starting a Philosophy club. The idea of starting a Philosophy club was influenced by how much his last class really enjoyed talking about philosophy, religion, and ethics. Before teaching at Berthoud, Mr. Schufer has taught at many other schools including Conrad Ball Middle School, Twin Peaks Charter Academy ,both elementary and highschool, and Colorado State University. Before moving to Colorado Schufer lived in Los Angeles and other parts of southern California. He then attended college at California Lutheran University. Something that Schufer loves besides teaching is being with family and listening to music. He enjoys all kinds of music and listens to it in his free time.

Another one of the new teachers at Berthoud High School this year is Ted Fabiano. He teaches College Comp 1 and 2, Journalism, and Language Arts 11. Mr. Fabiano is originally from Washington DC but then later moved to Kansas and attended University of Kansas. In college he was a chemistry major until he read a novel by James Joyce. After reading this novel he was inspired to read and share with others which made him want to pursue teaching. Outside of school Mr. Fabiano enjoys biking, hiking, and listening to podcasts. Some of his favorite podcasts are ¨The Press Box,¨ ¨The Bill Simmons Podcast¨, and ¨The Rewatchables.¨

Foriegn Language Teachers

Berthoud High School has many new teachers and staff members this year. While they unfortunately have had to start off their first year here by going back and forth between online and hybrid learning, they have still made an impact on their students during their time here so far. Edward Faller (English Language Development) and Marnay von Bernuth (Spanish) are both new teachers to the school's foreign language department this year.

Edward Faller is a new ELD (English Language Development) teacher at Berthoud High School. This class is meant to help educate students who are developing their proficiency in English as it is not their first language. While this is his first year at Berthoud, Mr. Faller has taught at many other schools in Colorado, including AIMS Community College, Front Range Community College, and Frederick High School. Mr. Faller is currently teaching not only at Berthoud, but also at Loveland High School and Walt Clark Middle School. He says that his love for languages is what originally inspired him to start teaching. This has led to him learning many different languages such as Italian, Spanish, and German. Outside of school, he enjoys riding bikes and spending time with his wife, son, and daughter.

Marnay von Bernuth is a new Spanish teacher at BHS. While she only teaches during first period at Berthoud, Ms. Von Bernuth also teaches Spanish classes at Walt Clark Middle School. She was originally inspired to start teaching by her love for Latin American culture and wanting to share that with others. Ms. Von Bernuth even spent six months living on the island of Saipan to do an internship so that she could complete her degree in Natural Resources, Recreation Resources, and Tourism. While there, she got to do many different jobs such as teaching windsurfing to tourists, leading snorkeling tours, water aerobics classes, and more. Later on, Ms. Von Bernuth also spent four months studying abroad in Belize, Central America.

Social Studies Teachers

Social Studies is one of the most important core subjects strictly because not only do you learn about history and the importance of knowing your history, but you can also learn how to finance, understand the human brain and so much more. However, though the subject is broad it is up to amazing teachers to not only teach the subjects but to also make them fun. Berthoud is lucky enough to have amazing vetran teachers in the department but we always get the best new teachers and these two ladies are amazing at what they do.

This year is filled with a bunch of new surprises, but the best one is watching someone come back! Thanks to a job opening in the Social Studies department, our very own student teacher from the Spring of 2020, Ms. Victoria White got to come back and be a permanent part of our Berthoud High School Family. Ms.White now teaches World Geography and Economics. In World Geography she describes it to be a journey around the world where students learn about each place they visit and she describes Economics to be a class where it is based off of the choices humans make and the outcomes of each of those choices. She is one of the most positive teachers you will ever meet. The only obstacles she has run into since starting to be a teacher at BHS is that she has to make a long commute from Fort Collins. Aside from school, Ms.White is from Elizebeth, Colorado and is no stranger to small town schooling and community, in fact Elizebeth is much smaller than Berthoud. She also loves the outdoors, four years ago she started fly fishing and says that she gets better every time and for students who have had her class know that Ms. White loves animals and has a furry friend of her own. She has one dog and his name is Rudy!

Ms. Ashleigh Crumrine is also new to the Berthoud family. She is a vetran teacher, but is starting off fresh here at BHS. She started her teaching career at Thompson Valley High School, which is down the street from Berthoud, she taught there for three years bouncing from class to class including English and theater. From there she moved to Walt Clark Middle School for six years as a U.S. History teacher and then got to teach one year as an 8th grade English teacher. Now at Berthoud, she teaches Civics, AP Human Geography and Modern America. She was born and raised in Colorado and later in her life would graduate from Colorado State University. So when the opportunity came about to allow her to continue to teach in Colorado and to teach at a smaller school, she took the chance! Ms. Crumrine wrote on the survey sent out by the Journalism staff that she had a hard time getting used to being online considering this is her first year. But when it is time to leave the classroom, she enjoys reading and going to the theater, but most of all enjoys watching baseball. Her favorite part of the summertime is when she gets to watch baseball!

Student Teachers

There is no doubt that BHS has extraordinary teachers and because of these amazing teachers, college programs urge their students to come to Berthoud to be mentored by our vetran staff. Student teachers have a unique opportunity to get the chance to teach a real class and to interact with students. In some cases these student teachers come back and get the chance to be permanent members of the BHS family. However for the time that we have them, they are a huge part of our family. This year, though it may be a bit different then most, we currently have four student teachers among us. There is Miss. Lauren Gorman who teaches under Ms. Steele, Miss. Amanda Wentink who teaches under Ms. Low, Mr. Ethan Kohn who teaches under Mr. Voth, and Mr. Joel Schmer who teaches under both Ms. Lanter and Ms. Vlieger.

Miss. Lauren Gorman is originally from California but moved to Fort Collins, Colorado at the age of six. She now attends Colorado State University and has made her way to Berthoud High School. Miss. Gorman is currently teaching under Ms. Steele in the social studies department and gets the chance to teach Civics and Modern America. As for most, Covid-19 has made her student teaching experience a bit difficult, she mentioned in the survey sent out by the Journalism staff, that there might be an adjustment issue for when the pandemic is over. But her time here at BHS has made her change her view on what grade level she would like to teach. She originally wanted to teach middle school students but then decided that she would rather teach high school students because she can easily engage with them and she knew that it was meant for her. But what truly makes Miss. Gorman unique is that she has severe ADHD. ADHD is a common neurodevelopmental disorder, basically it makes it hard to pay attention. But she has never allowed it to stop her from achieving her goals, she pushes through it and wants to be the best teacher she can be. Aside from everything school related, she enjoys the Broadway Musical Hamilton and video games.

Miss. Amber Wentink is among the group of student teachers for this semester. Unlike the rest of the group, Miss. Wentink attends Western Governors University which is an online college. She is currently being mentored by Ms. Low in the Discovery department. Miss. Wentink has always wanted to work with children or as she says “young adults”. Though loving school sounds like a foreign term, Miss. Wentink has always had a passion for school. Outside of school, she loves to be outside! Anywhere between the beach to hiking, outdoor activities are her favorite ways to spend her free time with her kids.

Mr. Ethan Kohn is one of two current Language Arts student teachers this semester. He currently teaches under Mr. Voth in English 9 and English 12. Mr. Kohn was inspired to start teaching after watching some of his favorite professors. He enjoys questioning students and allowing them to react. He enjoys Berthoud’s structure that ensures that no student is left behind and that everyone truly does matter. Originally from Northridge, California which is a small suburb of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, considers himself a Coloradoan. Attending Colorado State University in Fort Collins like three of his fellow student teachers, he is excited for the opportunities yet to come. Like any good soon to be English teacher, he loves to read and write in his free time, one of his favorite novels is The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson. Away from everything school related, he is a St. Louis Cardinals fan at heart and enjoys a quick basketball game here and there.

Lastly, Mr. Joel Schmer. He is the other Language Arts student teacher this semester teaching under Ms. Lanter for English 9 and Ms. Vlieger for Mythology and Science Fiction. Mr. Schmer wanted to start teaching because he saw the important role that educators make on changing society for the better. He, like most, has run into the issue of making hybrid work. He wrote that it is a challenge with two different classroom dynamics and he is unable to meet and get to know all of his students the way he would like to. However on his personal educational journey he is a graduate from Brush High School which he says is much like Berthoud in regards to size and how close our community is. Even though he went to high school in Brush he is actually from another little town called Weldona, so everything he did for school he had to commute to Brush. Anyways after graduating from Brush he went to start his teaching degree at Colorado State University and now he is with us as a student teacher! However what makes Mr.Schmer’s academic journey stand out, is that he is a first-generation student of his family. It is a unique position and a proud one to be in. Away from school, he enjoys camping and being one with Colorado’s natural beauty.

HOPE Staff

Ronda Buck explains that, “HOPE is an opportunity to teach all areas, inspire the joy of learning for a life-time, and a passion to help young people learn how to use positive skills to help them reach the future each one of them wishes for him/herself” The HOPE (Helping Open Pathways to Education) Program provides a range of mental health services to selected public elementary, junior high and high schools.

Ronda Buck is a new HOPE teacher here at BHS. She started being a HOPE teacher when she taught different subjects at different schools. At the end of the day, HOPE became her passion after working with the students and developing the program into something that really made a difference for students. Ms. Buck is one of our natives with the unique opportunity to live all over the state. She grew up in Denver, but has lived in Calhan, Brighton and now Loveland. Not only has our wonderful new teacher lived in a lot of places in Colorado, but she has also gone to a few of our colleges. She received her BA from Metropolitan State College, attended the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs for her Masters, and received her principal's license from Colorado State University. She also really enjoys keeping up with her family, which includes her four kids and two granddaughters. Ms. Buck is a morning person, addicted to Ziggi’s coffee, and she even says, “I don’t usually act my age :)”

Rachelle Bowker is one of our few staff members who are not native to Colorado. She has been moving around from state to state and country to country. Mrs. Bowker is an Air Force brat. This means that her parent(s) both served full-time in the Air Force. She moved about every three years which was a lot for her, since she would have to switch schools often. She has lived in several different countries and states, her favorite being Okinawa, Japan or Kaiserslautern, Germany. She is currently married to an Army verteran so even after college she travelled a lot. Now her and her husband live in Loveland, Colorado and have been for ten years; that’s the longest she’s lived in one place.

Front Office Staff

Front office staff are the people who can bring a smile to the students face without effort. They take care of late students, stressed students, and pretty much every other student. Our new front office staff will surely have their hands full, but their patience and perseverance is one of the things that means the most to us.

Micki Fregosi is the new attendance clerk at our high school. She graduated from Regis University down in Denver. Mrs. Fregosi was born in Brighton, however she was raised in Berthoud. She even graduated from our very own BHS. She says that now that she’s back it feels weird, everything looks basically the same, but she doesn’t remember as much as she thought she was going to. When she came to school here the town was very small so everyone knew everything about everyone, so she couldn’t do something she wasn’t supposed to without her mom finding out. Fregosi loves dogs so much, she has three of them, and during the summer she loves to travel the U.S. in her camper.

Michelle Kouns is a new counselor, who works with the students whose last names start with J-M and all of the GT kids. Mrs. Kouns has lived in Berthoud for several years, her daughters have all attended Berthoud schools, and their dad graduated from BHS. Like many of the students here, Mrs. Kouns is a fan of TikTok. She is on every side of TikTok, and has a very “interesting FYP” (For You Page). Sadly, she has not made a TikTok and probably never will. She doesn’t care to be TikTok famous. Mrs. Kouns could definitely kill it at the TikTok dances, just like she killed the 1970’s dance contest of the Colorado School Counselor conference.

Custodial Staff

We always need to give our custodial staff more props than what they get. At the end of everyday, they are the people who go and clean our students messes up, and with Covid in the air they help our school stay sanitized and healthy. Our new custodial staff are so important and deserve a great, warm welcome!

Caleb Hardy is the new night custodian here at the BHS. He is also another native to Colorado and graduated from University of Northern Colorado in Greeley. His commute to the school is about a 40 minute drive so he definitely isn’t from Berthoud. Mr. Hardy enjoys listening to music, and his favorite bands are Bastille is a 2010s music group who creates indie music and AJR is a band from the early 2000s and they still kick it with pop music. Aside from music he must have a good memory. Mr. Hardy has all the presidents, vice presidents, and the loser of each election memorized.

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