Mask Mandate Lifted

Yesterday, May 18, I walked into Hays with my mask on and when I got inside it was really weird seeing people in public without masks. After a year and three months I have really gotten used to not seeing the entirety of someone’s face.

As of May 13, 2021 citizens in Larimer County do not have to wear masks outdoors or indoors because the mask mandate has officially been lifted. However a facility can still require them if they want to.

Usually I just wear my mask out of respect for others and to keep them safe. (That is what masks are for, they help stop you from spreading the virus, but they do not protect you from it very well.) It felt really awkward when I was walking around the store with a mask on because there were only three others who were wearing theirs. I felt like I was sticking out and the tables had turned: now it was weird when people DID wear them instead of it being weird when people DIDN’T. As I was checking out the cashier told me I “don’t have to wear that you know, but it’s up to you”

So know there’s a question; COVID is still a thing and it still spreads quickly so is it a good time to not be wearing masks anymore? Is it weird to wear a mask when you don’t have to anymore? What if I am more comfortable with wearing it and I like knowing that it still helps to have one person wearing it? For those of us who are still stuck in the habit of wearing masks, how long will it take before we are willing to go out without a mask?

Personally I think that it will take some time, or at least until the summer, before I want to go out without a mask. I think that my head is still stuck in “the virus is gonna get you” mode. After being told over and over again that we need to wear masks to stay safe it’s kind of hard to switch the mentality to “okay now it’s okay, now we’re safer.”

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