March 8-12: Kaleigh Schanker

Updated: Apr 1

This week’s Athlete of the Week is Kaleigh Schanker! Kaleigh is a Junior on the Spartans swim and dive team.

She is one of the team’s best divers with enough focus to succeed she can overcome some of the scarier dives. Coach Matthew Goldsmith says, “On the board, Kaleigh is always giving her best and executing dives. Attempts on the board can be difficult and scary at times, but Kaleigh has a focus that is unbreakable.”

Kaleigh isn’t just an amazing diver and athlete, but she is also a teammate and team player who builds confidence in her teammates.

Goldsmith also states, “Outside the pool, she has been a great leader for the younger divers. She helps them choose dives, explains things to them when they don't understand, and is extremely patient. She leads by example and makes sure all feel included.” and “Kaleigh always works with her teammates, motivates them, and is their biggest fan”

photo credit: ACP Media @ Facebook

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