March 1-5: Ally Padilla

This week’s athlete of the week is Ally Padilla! Ally is a Junior on the Girls Varsity Basketball team. Ally’s coach Alan Gibson said, “this is a very appropriate choice” when we asked if he thought that Ally should be the player of the week.

Both Ally and her coach can clearly recognize the way that she puts her team first and strives to improve everyday that she is on the court. Ally says, “I always try to be the best teammate I can be and try to be supportive to my teammates in any way possible...I am always looking at ways I can improve my game! I want to see myself have more confidence when playing because sometimes I get in my head so I would like to become mentally stronger. ” Gibson says that Ally “brings an infectious work ethic and enthusiasm to our team. Her team-first approach is obvious, and she is determined to improve EVERY DAY.”

Ally is not only a great teammate on the court but she is a vital player. Gibson notes, “She is one of very few players who could play all five positions offensively and defensively.” And a quick fun fact: Ally says “I have been playing basketball since I was 4 years old.”

That explains how she can be so good at a game that is so hard.

Photo credits: ACP Media @ Facebook

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