JROTC Making Accommodations Outside

Stella Cabrera// BHS Maroon Tribune // Berthoud // 01/21/2021

Every day JROTC students have to do their training in the school parking lot because there is no room for them in the building. JROTC is a leadership course with the main mission of making young people better citizens. Jevin Curry (sophomore) said that he would recommend joining JROTC, however “you have to be okay with suffering physically. We do hard stuff.” He also quoted the person who recruited him and said “It’s like gym, but on steroids. It just keeps getting harder and harder.”

Nevaeh Lucero (Junior), said she would recommend the class, especially for freshmen, because it covers your P.E. credits and your civics. The class is just like P.E. except for the fact that it is mostly outdoors. With the lack of room inside the students have had to take the class outside. Sergeant Herald Johnson, a veteran who teaches the JROTC class, said that he is actually okay with the practices outside for the most part. He said, “We prefer to be outside. We’ve done this as years have gone by. We tell our kids that if it's 45° or above we’re going to go outside to get some fresh air; and even before covid we would do that. We don’t make them do anything if it is below freezing. We train hard but we aren’t crazy.”

The students, however, say that they wish that they had a space to do some of the exercises inside. They know that they have some things that they need to do outside, but something would be nice to have a warmer room to do some things in. For example they have to practice shooting and that isn't an exercise that your body can stay warm doing if you are outside in the cold. Curry says that inside they would be able to “do push ups, pull ups, keep up with our physical fitness in some palace that is warm. We’re not getting cramps, ripping muscles out, and pulled; we are inside and we are warm, and we keep up with it. That is very important.”

The class room size would need to be about the size of the small gym at Berthoud High School, or two of the average classrooms combined, because they have a lot of things that they have to do. They have to practice shooting, and they also get uniform inspections which can take up a lot of room. The inspections can take a lot of room because there are quite a few students that have to stand in a single row and then there are more people in the room to actually inspect the uniforms.

A unique problem that was discovered was when talking to Curry was that he was “worried about (his) raiders because they stopped working out, well they’re supposed not to stop but they stopped in December.” Jevin says that he is worried about having to retrain them to be back in the shape that they need to be in. He said that they were supposed to keep working out and running while the pandemic was spreading across the country and state; however he knows that many of them have stopped and he said “come spring we are going to really suffer getting back into it.”

photo courtesy of Jevin Curry

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