Jennings wins TSD Staff Member of the Year Award

Students at BHS may know Jordan Jennings as a humble, thoughtful, and uplifting counselor which is why he more than deserved the Thompson School District Staff Member of the Year Award.

Jennings says that he knows there are a lot of deserving people at BHS, and because BHS had a lot of nominations. Jennings said ¨he was very surprised and now he has his new, and first, award on display at his house.¨

The process of picking the winner took about a month. First the community members make nominations for each school in the district and then the district has to take in all of them and start narrowing down the options. There is an award for Principal, Elementary Educator, Secondary Educator, and the TSD staff, which is the one that Jennings won. Then at the end the Thompson education foundation has a committee that makes decisions on the final winner.

Jennings said that he was surprised by his family and other staff members with the award when he didn’t even know he was a nominee. After receiving the award Jennings got an email with all of the nominations made for him and what they all said about him. For winning the award Jennings got a glass plaque, visa gift card, and a two month lease on an SUV in November.

"Lastly he has done an amazing job through this pandemic. He has gone above and beyond to create an outlet for these kids. He worked hard navigating the rules to keep the kids safe while still allowing them to compete. As a mother of a senior son this year would have been devastating without Jordan's work to keep them engaged. He cares deeply for these kids, and he has made an extraordinary impact that will last for years to come. So thank you for your time, your encouragement, your humility, your compassion, and your expertise. You are a true example of EXCELLENCE within TSD" -Quote from anonymous nomination.

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