Israel-Gaza Conflict Continues

Tensions along the Gaza Strip have been higher than ever this week. Earlier this week, there were missiles launched from Gaza in response to the deadly missile attacks launched by Israel. This conflict began almost a month ago, and violence is just beginning to break out.

Reportedly, 27 days before the first missiles were launched, a squad of Israeli police officers entered the Asa Mosque in Jerusalem and cut the wires to the speakers that broadcast prayers to the Mosque’s attendants. The Palestinian president was delivering a speech on the Western Wall, a sacred Jewish landmark that lies just below the mosque, and police were worried that the loudspeakers would interfere with the speech.

This event outraged Muslims because they felt it was an attack on their religion as a whole. Tensions rose between Palestine and Israel exponentially as a result. Recently, attacks have been launched on both sides, mainly from a militant organization called Hamas.

The US government and several other western governments have labeled them as a terrorist organization, although they are better defined as a radical Islamist organization. Earlier this week they launched missiles against Israeli cities in response to the rocket attacks launched by Israel on Gaza.

Tensions in the area are still very high, but diplomats around the world are attempting to negotiate peace talks. The UN met on Thursday to discuss the situation, and U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken urged all sides to spare innocent civilians. Updates soon to come.

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