How Parents Influence Students Interests

It’s common for parents to have some sort of influence on what students do during their time at school. From extracurriculars, sports, even certain classes that we take. However, there are times where parents' influence in these situations can go a bit overboard. Rather than simply encouraging their child to do a certain activity through school, it can start to feel like they aren’t giving their student a choice in the matter. This more often than not leads to some resentment between the parents and their child, as well as the fact that the student simply won’t enjoy what they’re doing as much.

It’s definitely important for parents to encourage their kids to do these activities as it can help promote a more active lifestyle, teach certain life skills, and much more. However, many of these aspects come from letting children make the choice of pursuing these activities and deciding to continue with these interests as they grow older. When they are forced to participate in them, it replaces these valuable life skills with nothing but resentment.

While at times it can be difficult, I think the best way to get past this is for teens to try and start conversations about this topic with their parents. By being more open about what it is that they want to spend their time on. It’s a start towards parents realizing that they have to let their kids make their own decisions as they grow older. Starting these conversations can be difficult, but it’s important to be direct and make sure that everyone involved understands one another's point of view so that an agreement can be made, and extracurriculars can return to being something that teens find enjoyment in.

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