Has Dress Code Improved?

Dress code has always been a topic known to spark conversation and debate among schools. Whether or not uniforms should be required, what skirt length should be allowed, and much more. However, probably one of the most widely discussed controversies involving dress code is how it often seems to favor boys. In the past, girls have often been reprimanded for something as simple as wearing a mini skirt or spaghetti strap shirt. The reason for this is usually stated to be that it's too “distracting” for the boys. This makes it seem like a girl's education simply isn’t as important, and that they should instead focus on making sure they are creating a good learning environment for any boys in their classroom.

More recently however, this issue seems to be better resolved. I can only speak for what is going on at BHS of course, though it seems that since returning in person, students are wearing clothes that may have violated the dress code in years past. Personally, I don’t really see any downsides to this. Students should be able to dress however they want to at school. Within reason of course.

Less strict dress codes allow students to focus on what they came to school for; to learn. Not only that, but it is a small way to let students express their individuality in a place that they otherwise already don’t want to be. A strict dress code simply adds to the list of reasons why they aren’t enjoying themselves there. That’s not to say that a more lenient dress code will suddenly make kids love school, but it does at least make one aspect of it more enjoyable.

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