Get to Know Keith Lobdell

Ladies and gentlemen, students and staff, let’s all give it up to an amazing teacher here at our school: Keith Lobdell!

Mr. Lobdell has worked at Berthoud High School for several years taking a quick break in the middle to work at Mountain View. His own personal high school experience he said was “Goooood. I had friends in a lot of different groups. My freshman year I played varsity baseball. Sophomore year I played tennis. I moved from Connecticut to New Hampshire to New Mexico all throughout high school.”

After high school Lobdell went to New Mexico State for two years, where he worked on being an EMT, but transferred and got his Bachelor's degree in finance from CSU.

After being a financial analyst Mr. Lobdell decided he had “always wanted a job that gave back to society,” so he went back to school at CSU and got his Masters degree in teaching. Now he teaches Intro to Business and Marketing, Finance, and is working on building the computer science and computer graphic class.

Right now he says that his favorite class that he teaches would be Computer Graphics 4 because he gets to learn some new skills with the updated version of Maya software.

After the Corona Virus (Covid) affected the school Lobdell became more stressed. He stresses about getting himself sick and he is stressed about getting his parents sick. “I mean really it's just the stress of it. You know just dealing with the stress and not wanting to get sick and not wanting my parents to get sick.

When not in a school environment Lobdell has many different hobbies. He is a big time skier, he mountain bikes, plays guitar (both electric and acoustic), and more skiing with family. His favorite place to ski is A Basin or Arapahoe Basin, but he likes other places like Copper too. He has two daughters (21 and 16).

Once his youngest graduates he hopes to retire and start a part time job as a ski patrol.

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