Get to Know Jo Vlieger

Many students at BHS are likely familiar with Jo Vlieger, or Ms. V as she is usually referred to by students. She teaches many different English classes at the school, including myth and sci-fi, and runs both the anime and GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) club.

She has found connections with her students not only in the classroom, but in the clubs she runs as well. Through them, Ms. V says that she has been able to form more personal connections with some of the kids as it's a chance to get to know them outside of the classroom environment. All of her students share a great liking for any class that she teaches or club that she is in charge of. Eliana Paradise, a senior in her AP Lit class says that, “In this crazy year of Covid and semester schedules, Ms. V has done such a great job at adapting her AP Lit class, as well as all of her other classes to fit. As a teacher, she is incredibly engaging and personable, taking time out of each class to reach out to us as people and genuinely cares about our individual well-being. She has been one of my favorite teachers in high school and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any student to take AP Lit with her.”

Ms. V always had a love for books growing up, and her AP lit teacher in 10th grade, Mrs. Fisher helped further ignite that passion because of how she was able to get students to enjoy literature. Once she graduated and made her way to college, she officially made the decision to get her teaching degree.

BHS was the first and so far, only, school she’s worked at. She started as a teaching assistant for Allison Lanter, another English teacher here at the school. She recalls one of her most memorable moments during that time was when Mrs. Lanter played a prank on her. “She made me think that the laptop I had bought off of Amazon was stolen before having someone come in to ‘arrest’ me.” Moments like this have helped her realize how much she considers the BHS staff and students to be her family.“It’s really rare to find such a close community at your first school so I hope that I’m able to teach here until I retire.”

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