Get to Know Allison Lanter

Ladies and gentlemen, students and staff, once again let’s all give it up to an amazing teacher here are our school: Allison Lanter!

Mrs. Lanter has been a teacher for 15 years, nine of them being here at BHS. Her own high school experience is mostly a time period that she doesn’t remember. She says the only thing that she does remember is, “ spending a lot of time with friends, and probably not enough time studying.”

After four years in high school Mrs. Lanter attended Nebraska Wesleyan University “Go Prairie Wolves!” In college she worked in the ‘international studies’ office where she welcomed and worked with forein exchange students.

Before becoming a teacher Mrs. Lanter had several “odd jobs here and there.” She said, “I babysat a ton, I have been hired to sing at weddings, I was a manager at a family amusement park and worked on go-carts, ran lazer tag, mini-golf, even the arcade. I worked at Best Buy. I worked in the 'international studies' office at my university, welcoming and working with exchange students. All of these jobs, however, led me to my career in teaching.” She had always wanted to be a teacher because she tends to lean more towards play and growth and she found that teaching could do both. Now she teaches PreAP English 9, AP English Language and Composition, English 9, and Creative Writing.

Picking a favorite class is hard. She says, “I love how fun Creative Writing is; we play and explore each day. I also love how applicable AP Lang is, as well. There's really never been a class that I DIDN'T like teaching.”

Once schools started adapting around Covid, Lanter said that she had to re-adjust her teaching significantly. But at the same time it allowed her to spend more time with her children and pick up some hobbies again.

When she is not in the school environment, Lanter is sitting on her porch and watching the sunset, cuddling with her kids, or taking them swimming. She is even starting to enjoy cooking.

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