Follow Up - $600 Stolen From Teacher

On the morning of January 30, a suspect stole $600 out of Mr. Sommerfeld's classroom.

While the case is still not officially closed yet, there is no definite conclusion either.

Sommerfeld states, "We figure we're never going to see the money again at this point."

After asking Sommerfeld what his plans for his classes are without the money, he affirmed that - "I'm hoping that with the wood that the students are using now, that the reimbursement money for their projects will help buy new wood. It takes months to build up the wood funds and without it, the classes might have to go buy their own materials or go without."

Sommerfeld wanted to ensure that "The people or individuals really messed up our ability to buy materials and tools for everyone," and encourages students and staff to continue to keep an eye out for potential leads in the case.

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