First Denver Nuggets Player to Win MVP, More than Possible this Season.

With the NBA season ending and the play-in tournament going on, the MVP award is still up in the air for who could win. However, I believe that one man deserves the trophy more than the rest of the contenders. Nikola Jokic the Denver Nugget from Siberia deserves the NBA trophy for a multitude of reasons.

The Denver Nuggets are currently in the 3rd in the West, not solely because of Jokic, but a very large portion of their success is because of him. The Denver Nuggets have been dealing with an incredible amount of injuries this season, partly because the Nuggets didn’t get the average length of an off-season as usual due to Covid, along with playing multiple game 7’s last playoffs. Jamal Murray, our star point guard is out with a torn ACL, only after just coming back from another injury this season. Will Barton, the Nuggets 6th man is out for a hamstring injury. Yet still, Jokic put the Nuggets on his back and carried us to 3rd in the West.

The craziest statistic about Jokic is he has not missed a single game this season. The last MVP player to do that was Kobe Bryant in 2008. That stat alone should win Jokic the MVP award, but there is more. Nikola Jokic at the end of this season had 1,898 points (3rd), 780 rebounds (5th), 599 assists (3rd). Jokic is the third player in NBA history to finish top 5 in all three, behind Elgin Baylor and Wilt Chamberlain. Jokic has had nine more double-doubles this season than Joel Embid, the other main contender for MVP has played games.

If Jokic were to win this award, he would be the first Denver Nugget, the fifth international player, and the first center since Shaquille O'Neal in 2000. With an injured Nuggets team, the playoffs might be hard, but Jokic could take us to the win, because that's what he does, wins games.

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