Entertainment During Covid

It’s no surprise that since the beginning of Covid, numerous different industries have been negatively affected by the restrictions that have been put into place. From restaurants to small businesses, far too many people and businesses have had to face the negative impacts of the pandemic. With all this to be said, one of the most impacted has been the entertainment industry. With movie theaters having to either close down completely, or severely limit the amount of people allowed inside, and Broadway shutting down as a whole, the way that people receive their entertainment is being forced to change.

However, the options are far from limited. With a variety of different streaming services and social media platforms, entertainment at home has never been easier to access. It’s been something that so many people have turned to during this time, whether as some sort of creative outlet, or simply something to help distract from the sometimes unfortunate state of the world.

While interviewing junior Sarah Schumacher and Amber Wharton (Teen challenges, culinary careers, catering) according to the two of them, in March when this all first began, as I’m sure many of us felt, they were simply excited for what was originally thought to just be a longer Spring break. They each opted to spend a lot of that time simply catching up on shows on Netflix or spending some extra time with their families and dogs.

However, once it became clear that this was more than just an extended break, many people took the opportunity to pick up new skills or even indulge in some activities that they usually wouldn’t get to do while busy with a typical work or school schedule. Ms. Wharton told me that other than watching a lot of tv, she took advantage of this time to be able to start reading more often, something she usually was only really able to enjoy in the Summer. Sarah and her family have continued using this as a way to spend more time together, having a lot of board game nights at their house. Even my own family has taken advantage of this time in order to have way more movie nights or spend a few hours playing Mario Kart together.

Despite everyone being stuck in the same situation of not being able to leave the house, there have been so many different and creative ways that people have been using this time. While tv, social media, and video games are clearly a popular option, I know of many people who have taken up new hobbies during this time that they never really had the time or motivation to do otherwise. I know many people who have taken up hobbies such as sewing, knitting, drawing, writing, and so much more. Hobbies they never would have thought twice about picking up had they not been allowed so much time at home.

And while the entertainment industry has changed drastically, we don’t have to be left to our own resources when we need something new to do. Virtual concerts, at home movie releases, and so much more have become more common and accessible since quarantine first started, so that we are still able to have some sort of outside entertainment without ever actually leaving the house.

While I won’t go as far as to say this has been some type of blessing, it certainly is nice to see that despite the unfortunate situation we’ve been put through, people are still finding ways to make the best of it and embrace this time at home.

Photo courtesy of oldfashionedfamilies.com

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