Dewall being awarded Athletic Director of the year

Athletic Director, Michael Dewall, won an award last week as the Athletic Director of the year. He has been an athletic director for nine years now and he is also the vice principal of our school. The Colorado Athletic Directors Association (CADA) is a statewide professional organization that annually recognizes athletic directors across the state. The CADA nominates directors doing well across Colorado, there's normally dozens of nominees that the committee reviews and chooses the best one to speak at a ceremony, usually at a banquet in person.

This year Dewall has been chosen as the best athletic director but due to covid restrictions he will record a speech and send the video to the CADA statewide committee to be played at an online ceremony on April 28th. As the athletic director of BHS Dewall is in charge of all athletics which is 16 sports, transportation for sporting events, event supervision, and coaches pro-development. As the vice principal of BHS he manages disciplinary actions, does teacher evaluations, and monitors students.

When receiving this award Dewall says he felt “very honored and humbled” since Berthoud is such a small town in the state of Colorado. There are many nominees and he was very shocked and grateful for being chosen for the award especially since other participating athletic directors seem to act very competitively. There has been no information about a trophy or certificate but Dewall says that “if they don't give me one I'll make one myself to put up”.

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