Democracy Under Siege

Kellan Oliver // BHS Maroon Tribune // Berthoud, CO // 01/21/2021

Last week on Wednesday, January sixth, our democracy was attacked. Trump supporters and Q-Anon members stormed the capitol, some with malicious intent. What started out as a protest, turned into a riot. Capitol police were overwhelmed by a mob of rioters. They were successful in breaking in. Inside the capitol, the mob moved throughout the capital into various rooms and offices.

Image courtesy of The Guardian

Nancy Pelosi’s office, in particular, was an attraction. A man can be seen in this picture with his feet on her desk. After that picture was taken, Pelosi’s hard drive was stolen. It is unclear by who. Other rioters proceeded to take pictures in the Senate Chamber and steal some items. The FBI is currently investigating all who were involved. Hundreds of arrests may come. Many will also be charged with seditious conspiracy and felony murder, according to the DOJ.

Image courtesy of Fox News

Joe Biden is still set to be sworn in on January 20th, although some alterations have been made. Because there have been threats to interrupt or attack the Presidential Inauguration, the National Guard has been deployed in Washington, D.C. 1,100 troops are being housed in the State Capitol until after the inauguration. Army Secretary McCarthy stated that “We have 1,100 personnel that are convening at the armory as we speak.” In addition to the National Guard, spectating will be strictly prohibited.

Image courtesy of Voice Of America

Between the rioting in the capitol and the troops being deployed in D.C., the world has been watching. Newspaper headlines from around the world assert that the United States of America and the Democracy we hold so dear, are under siege. In France, the Le Monde’s headline reads “Trump provokes chaos in Washington, Biden Reinforced by the Majority of the Senate”. The world is watching our democracy fall apart.

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