Dangerous Driving in Berthoud

Nautica Lessley // BHS Maroon Tribune // Berthoud, CO // 03/05/2021

With students becoming new drivers, shouldn't we all know where driving hazards are in our town? Drivers have complained about speed limits and torn up roads around town. With bad Colorado weather conditions those small inconveniences can become great hazards.

The intersection of 287 and highway 56 is a major hotspot for car crashes. A majority of crashes in Berthoud this last year have been in this intersection. It is rumored to be because when the evening sun hits the streetlights it is hard for drivers to tell if the light is green or red. 1st and Mountain ave. is another popular place for crashes given that there are roundabouts that drivers overlook and should be more cautious around.

Officer Mosley at Berthoud High School says “the biggest reason for a lot of the crashes in Berthoud is because of drivers being distracted- mainly by technology due to how much it has evolved in this generation”. This has had a great affect on people in this area, especially teens. Most student crashes are caused by drivers not paying attention and being distracted from the road.

Over the last few years some major accidents in Berthoud have been crashes between highway 56 and Loves gas station. Last year a crane truck rolled over on a construction sight. On 10th and Mountain Ave. a car crashed and caught on fire a few weeks ago. Luckily all drivers in these situations were not severely harmed.

There have been many fatal accidents in this area and quite a few in Berthoud. In January a Berthoud resident died in a horrible accident on 287 near the Longmont Walmart. During an ice storm outside of Berthoud there was another crash on 8 and 287 where the driver didn’t make it out alive. There was another death caused by a one car accident on the Berthoud pass.

In the Colorado area there have been 2,800 fatal crashes each year involving teens with technology and distracted drivers.

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