Coyote increase poses threat to Northern Colorado areas

Kylie Finnegan// The BHS Maroon Tribune// 2.14.20

Many coyote sightings have happened in the Berthoud-Loveland area in recent months.

Coyotes are very active here in Colorado from late December through March and bears and deer come out more during the summer season. The coyote increase creates major problems for pet and home owners in the town.

“Because we share our communities year-round, Larimier Humane society recommends that pet owners also take precautions throughout the year to keep themselves, their pets and wildlife safe.” Says Kara Pappas who works for Larimer Humane Society. There are a ton of effective preventive measures that pet owners can take in order to protect their animals. Doing things such as changing your pets schedule, walking them earlier, and just being more cautious will decrease chances of a confrontation with the animals.

Coyotes have been known to be smart enough to figure out the schedules that animals (mainly small mammals) follow. Changing your animals schedule, even if it is only by a little can go a long way.

“Accompany pets outdoors for bathroom breaks – particularly small animals. At night, remain close to your pet and stay in well-lit areas, or carry a flashlight to illuminate dark areas.” states Kara. In Colorado, coyotes are mainly nocturnal. Meaning they are out at night. Not letting your pet out after dark and walking them at times that aren’t close to night time will help to protect them.

Even if you do not own any pets, this is still helpful information. Coyotes are also known to break into trash cans, making a big mess to clean up and attracting even more wildlife. Barring off trash cans and making sure they are not left out overnight will prevent this.

The main concern about this time of year is the safety of the pets and people here in Colorado. There are many things that can be done to prevent accidents related to the increase in wildlife.

Image courtesy of Helen Richardson, The Denver Post

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