Covid Has Changed the Fan Experience

Covid-19 has been a struggle for everybody this year. With the lockdown and group restrictions, sports has been an issue specifically. Parents and friends have not been able to watch their loved ones play in person as usual. It has also been hard for the players themselves.

Basketball player Carrie Kingston’s mother, Jennifer Kingston said, “This year not being able to watch our daughter play for her school as a Senior has been very disappointing. We appreciate the live feed of the games, but it is not the same.” A big part of playing a sport is having a crowd to cheer you on. Kingston says, ¨The crowd's interaction, the student body, the cheer team, the band, the community members that come to support them, all of that was taken from her this year.¨ Across the United States, thousands of high school students have missed out on a lot of the same opportunities that they would usually have.

Although parents are upset they don't get to go watch their kids in person they understand and respect the health guidelines. Kingston said, ¨Again, I understand and respect the guidelines and why they are in place, I just wish this year was different for my daughter and other students in the district.¨ With this all parents just hope that things with Covid-19 get better and sports can go back to normal.

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