Careers After High School

With the school year coming to an end, the topic on many seniors' minds is what they will do after graduation. Whether college, trade, or career, each student has many options of what they can focus on after high school. BHS itself offers a variety of different classes and extracurriculars to help make this decision about what to focus on, and our counselors do whatever they can to help make the process easier.

Jordan Jennings, a counselor at school, says that it can often be difficult to choose what career you want to go into after high school. Some of the most common ones he will see students go into are engineering, nursing, or business. While each of these fields requires some type of colleague degree, it is far from the only option. Many students will also go into some sort of career in agriculture, possibly working on a farm that their family already owns. The FFA (Future Farmers of America) club, run by Lyndee Lum, who also teaches the agriculture classes that BHS has to offer. These are great ways to help students determine how much interest they have in the field and if it’s something they would like to do as a career.

However, this is far from the only subject that the school focuses on when it comes to careers. In fact, there is a career development class offered that gives students an opportunity to explore a variety of different careers, learn to write a resume, and more so that they are better prepared to make that decision before graduating.

The counselors also have different methods of helping students discover what careers are right for them so that the decision doesn’t feel as overwhelming and they can find something that they really enjoy. This is done through interest surveys on Naviance, simply talking to your counselor, and overall helping to discover a “career cluster” that fits your interests.

There are some other methods that haven’t been able to be used recently because of Covid, that counselors hope to be able to bring back soon. Jennings states that, “Students would do a lot of job shadowing and internships around the community before Covid.” This was a great way for students to be able to get more hands-on experience with their desired career before graduation, and is hopefully something that will once again become more common.

Another event that counselors are hoping to bring back soon is “Pastries with Professionals.” This used to be a yearly event that BHS would put together where guests involved in different fields would come in and educate students about their field. This was a big help in giving students exposure to many different career types so that they could figure out which career was best for them, and whether or not they would have to attend college after graduating to pursue that career.

Overall, Jennings says that the most important part in choosing a career is that it’s something that you enjoy doing. You can often base what you want to do after high school off of your current interests and being steered in the right direction of jobs that would require those skills.

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