Bye Stella

I started Journalism my Junior year. I was new to the program but knew I wanted to help make an impact on the class. However in my own defense that is how I felt about every class. I wanted to be the student that teachers would remember.

Mr. Peardot was the advisor and he gave us a lot of creative space to allow our ideas to flourish. That would be when I met Stella Cabrera.

Peardot put me in charge of Podcasts and I was excited to be able to bring what I wanted to be an advice column to life. He partnered me with Stella because she was very bold like myself, just in a more quiet tone.

Stella was one of the three freshmen I was assigned to help with podcasts. I took the role very seriously and she saw that. I worked hard to make something that would be able to be used to start other podcasts in the future. The others kind of threw my work to the side, but not Stella. She would work on it and she would complete it to the best of her abilities.

When we finally got the groundwork finished to start our podcast we spent most of the time laughing and when we weren’t laughing we were talking about anything and everything. I told Stella everything about my life and she in turn shared parts of hers.

She made me excited to go to class and she always laughed at my jokes even when they were bad. Stella helped build my confidence that what I said mattered.

That is honestly something that will stay with me forever. I always knew that my voice could be heard but it was a matter of if anyone was willing to listen and take in what I had to say. Stella not only heard me but she saw me for who I am.

We joke a lot that she is going to be my mini-me and I could not be more proud of the little freshman I adopted last year.

Stella, thank you for making my time in Journalism so much fun. Thank you for being my shoulder to cry on, body to shove and hand to hold. I truly couldn’t have done any of it without you.

So as you go on through high school, I know you will do great things and I can’t wait to see them all come true. Just know that when things get tough, think about what I would do and do the exact opposite.

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