Boys Basketball Ends on High Note

The Boys Varsity Basketball team ended their season with a win against Jefferson Academy, 68- 57. The highlighted player of the game is Kaleb Brown who had a total of 27 points and shot 62% from the field. According to MaxPreps Kaleb made 7 three-pointers, had 2 steals, and 2 rebounds.

Coach Todd Sandstedt, the head coach of Berthoud Boys Basketball had this to say about the season: “The highlights of this year for me was seeing great improvement at every level of our program. Our players were dedicated to coming in and working hard every day which started to show results toward the end of the season. I am proud of all of them for their perseverance in a season where they had to overcome a lot of obstacles.” The season started a little rough but with improvement every game, Berthoud was an interesting team to watch throughout this season.

When asked about next season, Coach Sandstedt answered with, “We have a lot of players, particularly in our junior class, who have worked hard to put themselves in a great position for next season. Let’s hope that things will be back to normal.” While watching some of the games through youtube live streams, I have also had the same thought. If our Junior players continue to improve with every game, Berthoud will be a force to be reckoned with next year. Including the return to normalcy, and not having to wear a face mask during the games, I believe that Berthoud will continue to improve and be a leader in our league.

When asked about the overall experience with the team Coach said, “With all the things that were going on with this team, especially with all of the challenges COVID presented, it was humbling to come to practice every day and see them work so hard. Many could have just passed on this year but they came out and dedicated themselves to getting better and were terrific representatives of Berthoud High School. I am proud of all of them.”

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