BHS to Return to Fulltime In-Person School (After Spring Break)

Holden James // BHS Maroon Tribune // Berthoud, CO // 03/05/2021

Thompson School District announced on 2/24/21 that schools are going back to full-time school, no longer operating on the hybrid schedule that was put in place and used previously. This change will be effective after spring break, the start of the 4th quarter.

An email was sent to teachers and parents, stating the safety terms and guidelines that must be followed in order for the school to be full-time. Some of these guidelines include:

All desks facing the same direction, (if possible)

A minimum of three feet between students,

Positive and close contacts will quarantine for 10 days,

Seating charts,

Bathroom capacities and bathrooms are closed during passing period,

Included in the email was a mention of the use of “cohorts.” The email sent out had this to say in the use of cohorts:

“Students will engage in the school day with typical classes and remain with the same group

or ‘cohort’ of classmates to the extent practicable. It is up to each school to develop the

cohorts and there is no minimum or maximum number. The number of quarantine staff and

students will be minimized with smaller cohorts.

● When thinking about cohorts and building movement, keep in mind that if there is a

suspected/confirmed case that the whole cohort has the potential to be quarantined.”

While Berthoud High School has not yet stated how these cohorts will work yet, the use of them will probably be an important part of keeping the school as safe and running smoothly as possible.

In order to keep the school open and safe for everyone, every student, teacher, and staff member must follow the guidelines given out by the school. Be safe and courteous to peers and staff, as the news of the full-time school was unexpected and unprecedented.

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