BHS Teachers Eligible for Vaccine

Currently, multiple vaccines have been produced and approved for use in the US. But currently, the vaccine is being administered only to certain groups, through a priority system. These priorities are mostly for the elderly and immunocompromised along with healthcare workers. Here at Berthoud High school teachers are having the opportunity to get their vaccine very soon. An email was sent out by Michel Hausmann, Superintendent of Thompson Schools district, with details about how to register for the vaccine through the UCHealth system.

The option for teachers to get vaccinated is new for the United States as only 22 states are offering all teachers to be qualified. Teachers being able to have this vaccine will help with the safety of themselves and their families along with safety for the students. While it doesn't mean that everything will go back to normal it is a huge stepping stone to the path to normalcy.

Teachers are the frontline of the next generation. With this responsibility, it is important that they are safe. Teachers that are teaching in-person see a lot of people throughout their day and interact with many students and other faculty members.

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