BHS Swim Team is Close to State

With State fast approaching, the Berthoud High swim team has been working hard to prepare for the meet. They so far have only had one loss this season, and most recently placed second while competing against four other schools. Hopefully these wins can continue as the team competes in state on March 13th, marking the end of the season.

Some of the most notable wins for the team as of recently have included Kaleigh Schanker in the one-meter, Kysa Keck in the 50 free stroke and 100 fly, Jamie Dellwardt in both the 100 free stroke and one hundred backstroke, and Marin Kasperbauer in the 100 breaststroke.

Coach Mathew Goldsmith is looking forward to going to state with his team, saying that “They’ve put in the time and energy, made the necessary Covid adjustments, and made necessary sacrifices to successfully compete. Let’s go spartans!” Even with changes that had to be made due to Covid, the team has put in all of their effort to prepare for state, which will be taking place in just three days. Let’s hope that all of their hard work has paid off and we will be able to see them take home some more wins from state.

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