BHS Swim Prepares for State

Berthoud High School’s swim team has been doing incredibly well lately, with the team taking home three wins. So far, the team's only loss has been against Niwot High School. Jamie Dellwardt is still shown to be an incredibly talented member of the team as in one of their recent meets, she placed first in both the 100 free and 100 backstroke. Other wins for the team have come from Abigail Wiggins in the one meter, Kysa Keck in the 100 fly, and Marin Kasperbauer in the 100 breaststroke.

After conferences this week, the team only has one more meet to go before heading to State. One of the team members, Jamie Dellwardt, says that she “Hopes to see the team continue having a positive attitude going into conference because we have a chance to win.” She also wants to see her teammates continuing to support each other throughout the rest of the season despite how different State will look this year.

The teams next meet will be held on March 4th in Loveland Colorado, after parent teacher conferences this week. With State fast approaching, we are all hoping to see the team continue the same hard work and persistence that they have had throughout this whole season and hopefully take home a win at State.

Photo courtesy of Kelsey Soderstorm Roberts

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