BHS School Spirit Store

Stella Cabrera// BHS Maroon Tribune // Berthoud // 2-23-2021

Many students attending Berthoud High School lack the school spirit we look for, because they don’t know where to get any apparel. The school store is currently open during 2nd and 3rd hour on B days. If the store is closed, Mr. Lobdell, in room #60 next door, will be happy to

help you out. For people who don’t know, the store in person is just off the Freshman Hallway, in the same hallway where the vending machines are. The store offers various hoodies, T-shirts (crew-neck and v-neck), sweatpants, beanies, and even buttons. The store also hopes to start being open on A days and they also want to be able to do shirt presses, so you can design your own shirts! this is just to the left of the staircase

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