BHS Girls Soccer Update

Tuesday, May 11 marked the first game of the Berthoud girls soccer season against Thompson Valley High School. Though the team fought hard, they were mercy ruled in the second half.

But even though the game sounds as though it would be very disappointing, the team is seeing it in a whole different way.

Our team is filled with players who have not played soccer before. It is truly amazing how far they all have come and it is only the first game.

Sophomore, Stella Cabrera , is one of the first year players on the team. The only other soccer season she has participated in was a rec team when she was little.

“Honestly, the game we lost was still played well on our end. We didn’t give up, they were a more experienced team,” Cabrera said, “whereas we are still getting our footing. I think that as the season continues we will get better and will have more victories to celebrate.”

Like in all sports, having a certain level of experience comes into play when competing and unfortunately for Berthoud we have girls who have never played before. That is going to cause setbacks while they are catching up to other teams, like TVHS, who have girls who have been playing soccer their entire lives.

However, hope is not lost on our girls. There is a lot of time to grow and they are definitely putting in the work to become better. Head Coach Isaias Gomez has been the coach here at BHS for the last three years and is a club coach himself. He has been playing soccer since he can remember, so he understands where our team is at and is proud that they are already making such levels of progress at the beginning of the season.

Only having a varsity team and only fourteen girls on said team with a couple who have played soccer before makes it tough for sure. But, Coach Gomez is wanting to build the team for future seasons to create a culture of hard work and perseverance through tough times.

“Watching the team’s energy as you came off the field showed that you all were impacted by the loss, which is a sign that you care a lot about the game and that is truly all we are looking for.”, Coach Gomez said to the team after the defeat.

Coach made sure that the team understood that the team has a lot of time to get better and we are playing for the future of Berthoud Girls Soccer and to keep their heads up.

So kicking off their second game at 6pm at Riverdale Ridge High School on Thursday, May 13, the team is ready for a good game with a hopeful victory!

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