BHS Announces Construction Project

Now that the school year of 2020-2021 is almost over, vice principal Michael Dewall plans to make some construction changes throughout the school during the summer.

The major changes that will be happening are a complete makeover of the commons, new furniture in most of the classrooms, and remodeling the front office. 75% of the classrooms will get new flooring and brand new furniture. Not only are the classrooms getting new flooring so are the hallways and commons. They also plan on replacing the h-vac system with a new one so winters will be warmer and summers will be cooler.

There were other things that they planned on renovating but there just wasn’t enough money for it. Dewall says, “Lots of grand plans but it came to budget cuts like replacing carpet in the hallways.” Since there are so many construction changes and renovations there probably won’t be anything new at Berthoud after next year.

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