Berthoud Swim Team Preview

Updated: Jan 29

Head Coach, Mathew Goldsmith

When is your first meet?

Our first meet is this Wednesday, January 27th

Who are your team captains?

Our team captains are Abigail Dodd, Kysa Keck, and Addie Giles

What accommodations have you had to make due to Covid?

We have created "pods" to reduce exposure. We are not sharing equipment and have plastic bags for our masks when we go into the water. When we are not in the water, we are wearing our masks. We also have swimmers at either end of the pool to spread us out. For the last two years, we have shared pool space with Mountain View at their pool, but this year we were moved to Thompson Valley HS and have a more unique schedule. Every week is different, but we are resilient and will adapt as necessary to achieve our goals.

What are you looking forward to this season?

This year has so many challenges and I am looking forward to how we approach and work together to get through each one. We accept our season is drastically different and we are still going to work hard and do our best.

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