Berthoud Logo Changes

October 20 the Berthoud Spartan goes through a make-over. After years of changes and tweaking the Berthoud logo, we have finally designed a logo of our own. One that represents us as spartans, as a Berthoud community as a whole, and one that brings us all together. From the original logo commonly referred to as the “floating head” that is painted on the court floor in the gym to one that is unifying and now truly our own.

Before the change in the logo the school had many non-official logos in use, none that actually belonged to us. We needed a new one and an official one that everyone would use. One that would bring all the others together and become something that could represent the school in a prideful way. Making the logo “gender fluid” was not an intentional thing. However it is a major upside because it can unify all students at the school by being whoever you want it to be. The logo does not show its face so you cannot determine whether it is a male or female so you can choose whatever fits you best.

Michael Dewall explained that in the process of making the school’s new unique logo, the school used a local graphic design firm, Aero Designs. The first exercise that they did with the designer was to share what characteristics a spartan brought to mind and then they also did the same for Berthoud as a community. The designer created several samples based on that work and after several weeks they narrowed down the choices to about three or four. They then showed the images to several classes and had them rank the designs in order and comment on each version. They took notes, the designer made some tweaks, and we ended up with the final design.

The original Spartan Mascot, the "floating head", can be seen all over the building, but it is common clip art and an image available to anyone. The school is in the process of copyrighting our new Spartan so that only people we want are allowed to use it. And technically, since the new Spartan is an original work of art and we have paid the artist for her work, that image is ours only. No one else on the planet has a Spartan like Berthoud High School. Ours is truly unique.

As you may know the school has a mural on the east wall of the school’s main gym. Obviously this mural does not match the new logo and many people have made comments that they don’t like the image on the wall. If we ever end up changing the mural there is a process that Vice Principal Dewall has used in the past that directly involves the students.

The decision to change it will be based on feedback that is received from many resources, but ultimately the decision will be Principal Gordon Boschman’s to make since it is his building.

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