Berthoud Knowledge Bowl Team Wins State Championship

The Berthoud High School knowledge bowl team has brought home another title after a long and challenging season. With all of the COVID challenges they have faced this season, it is even more amazing to see our team win the state championship. Through the entire season, the Knowledge Bowl team was forced to practice and compete over an online chatting program called discord. Every practice and game was held on this platform.

In the championship competition, the Spartans were put into Room 4 with two other teams: Grand Junction High School and Palmer Ridge High School. In the first round, Palmer Ridge came out of the gate sprinting and took the lead after answering the most questions correctly in the written round. The Spartans responded in the next oral round, winning by 4 points.

The teams went back and forth, taking rounds from each other. It was a close competition all the way until the end. In the final round, Berthoud was in the lead, followed closely by Grand-Junction, then Palmer Ridge. All the Spartans had to do was win this last round to take the championship. Ellie Sundheim answered a question that sealed the team’s victory. The question read, “At the 2010 sundance film festival, what artist entered ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop?’” Ellie answered by saying, “Banksy”. She was correct, and by being so, she won the championship for the Spartans.

The Spartans have time and time again proven their worth in competition, this time, it was the knowledge bowl’s turn to bring glory to the halls of BHS. Congratulations to the ‘21 Knowledge Bowl Team!

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