Berthoud Knowledge Bowl Team to Compete in State Competition

In a little room in a corner of the freshman hallway, a group of students meets and trains their brains to compete with other schools in Colorado. They are the Berthoud High School Knowledge Bowl Team. Knowledge Bowl is an extracurricular activity at Berthoud in which students go to competitions and answer a variety of questions. Other schools send their own students to compete as well. The questions are on a variety of topics, including but not limited to: language, literature, math, science, pop culture, and science fiction. An orator will narrate a question and students will buzz in as fast as they can and answer the question. The first team to buzz in gets the privilege of answering the question.

The Knowledge Bowl Team at Berthoud High School has three teams. The first is Team A, there are four seniors on this team. Aiden Cranwell is the team captain. He is responsible for answering math and science-based questions. Ellie Sundheim is a very well-versed member of Team A. She will answer a variety of questions ranging from English literature all the way to geology. Eliana Paradise is the team’s designated literature and pop culture specialist. Finally, Corey Schanker will answer any questions pertaining to science, math, or science fiction.

This year, Team A has made it all the way to the state Knowledge Bowl competition. They will be competing on March 15th. After qualifying as the top 4A team at the regional competition on February 6th, the team earned a spot in the state competition. The team finished second with 72 points, coming just behind Fossil Ridge, who earned 83 points.

They will be competing on an online chatting platform called Discord. This, of course, is due to COVID-19 restrictions. Since the knowledge bowl doesn’t actually require in-person attendance, the Colorado Knowledge Bowl decided to run competitions on Discord. According to the Coach of the BHS Knowledge Bowl Team, Ted Fabiano, “Discord was difficult to learn to use at first, but I’ve come to realize that it is much easier to use than other online platforms such as Google Meets. Discord is the only platform that can handle the hundreds of students on the same server at the same time. At this time, spectators are not allowed to watch students compete.

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