Berthoud High's Unified Basketball

Berthoud High School’s Spartan Unified Basketball team is 4-0 with only one more game left in the season. The team has been working hard together and their head coach, Vincent Mosley, says the players actually show up and want to be there. It isn’t a situation where the players show up to have fun and do something that they really enjoy.

Players on the team are: Anna Schlagel, junior number 1, Tess Foley, senior number 2, Gage Shadle, senior number 10, Brenden Nelson, sophomore number 11, Alejandro Cruz, junior number 14, Aiden Roper, senior number 15, Rhyan Morgan, junior number 21, Josh Purman, sophomore number 22, and Adrian Ovalle, sophomore number 23.

The team’s chemistry is very strong and the coaches can see it. Assistant coach, Kristin Lutz, said that “The chemistry on this team is amazing. They all give 100% and play with all they've got. Each one of them looks out for one another and truly cares for each other.” Mosley brags, “Our team gets along very well. These guys take care of each other. I mean when they’re playing basketball they do very well, they pass the ball, they talk to each other. There's good chemistry on the team. They’re like a family. We even have T-shirts for the team.”Josh Purman said, his favorite part of basketball was “getting to play with all the teammates and getting to play the games.”

So far in the season the team has played against Mountain View, Loveland High, Thompson Valley, and some of the teachers here at BHS.

Mosley said he does what he can to give the players the same experience that any other athlete would have. That is coach Mosley will be giving his varsity athletes Letterman Jackets, and all the players are on the varsity team. During a game he puts in four of his athletes as well as one buddy and he subs them out as groups. The two buddies that he has are Kelsi Thoren, sophomore number 12, and Chloe Eisenberg, senior number 5.

Each player had their own favorite game that they got to compete in and for the most part it was between Mountain View and the teachers. Mosley thought that the most interesting game that they have played this year was, “the one against Thompson Valley Because it was close, but then our guys pulled it out and that’s kind of like the rivals. But the most fun was the very first one against Mountain View, the kids had so much fun on both sides, I mean my heart was really happy.”

Our players are beasts on the court, but they also are some of the kindest people you’ll meet. In the classroom they are all friends who talk and laugh together and even on the court there are times when winning is just a bonus. During the Mountain View game Mosley says that “we got to a point where this one kid would shoot and he kept missing and our guys would hand him the ball back and let him shoot again.”

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