Berthoud Girls Basketball Preview

Alan Gibson, Head Coach

When is your first game?

Our first game is Tuesday, Jan. 26 at Mountain View. Our first home game is Friday, Jan. 29 vs. Severance.

Who are your team captains?

We do not have designated team captains. Our seniors are Annalise Carr, Breanna Fowler, Carrie Kingston and Martha Rennaker

What accommodations have you had to make due to COVID?

The accommodations we have made due to COVID are numerous. Among them are the following: Mask wearing at all times, daily health screenings, daily sanitizing of hands and basketballs, social distancing during practice and games, designated gym areas for pre-practice and post-practice entry and exit, separated cohorts via use of aux gym and drop-down net in main gym, no team huddles or physical contact.

What are you looking forward to this season?

I am looking forward to the opportunity to lead our girls as they play and compete during these challenging times. I am excited for our seniors and the prospects of a rewarding season for our players, managers, coaches and community.

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