Berthoud Boys Basketball Update

Holden James// BHS Maroon Tribune // Berthoud, CO // 02/08/2021

The Varsity Berthoud Boys Basketball team is off to an 0-3 start, but looking better with every game. Todd Sandstedt, the coach of the Basketball team, said, “While we are not satisfied with our record, we are starting to see improvements on the court. The players on the team never give up and give us 100 percent in games and practice, which is always a plus.” While looking at the stats this can be easily seen.

Last game against the Greeley West Spartans, Berthoud started the first quarter with only 7 points against Greeley’s 15. In the second quarter, things were much different, Berthoud dropped 20 points. Coach Sandstedt had this to say about Berthoud’s starts to games, “We need to improve on how we start games. We can't spot teams' big leads in the first quarter and expect to be able to dig out every time.”

When asked about which category the team is doing well in, Coach Sandstedt said, “We do a good job on rebounding but can always do better in that department.” Looking at the same stats from the Greeley West game, according to MaxPreps Berthoud had a total of 21 rebounds. One-third of those rebounds came from senior Cooper Hidalgo.

One category Coach Sandstedt believes needs to be improved on is turnovers. “Our turnover margin is also something we need to work on.” According to Maxpreps Berthoud had a total of 17 turnovers in the Greeley West Game; Greeley had a total of 5.

With COVID-19 and the new introduction to a new coaching staff, it’s easy to see why Berthoud is off to a rough start. When team chemistry and the turnover margins are fixed, Berthoud could be a real contender in Boys Basketball.

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