Berthoud Baseball Kicks the Season Off

At the prospect of summer every year, baseball season kicks off in high schools across the country. Typically, May is when playoffs for the baseball team happen, but this year, due to COVID, it marks the start of the season. Berthoud has 5 returning varsity seniors on the field this year. They make up most of the starting roster. Matt Jorrisen, a 4-year senior, will be catching and pitching this season. Adrian Short, a 3-year senior, is going to be part of the starting pitching rotation and play shortstop. Cameron Vasco, also a 3-year senior, will be playing first base and stay in relief for the starting rotation. Kellan Oliver, a 3-year senior, will be playing second base for the team this year. Lane Pirkey, also a 3-year senior will be playing center field.

The rest of the team will be freshmen and juniors who are swinging up from junior varsity. The team is going to be well-balanced this year. They have a good starting rotation and their defense is solid. As long as they can swing the bats well, they are going to have a fantastic season.

On Saturday, May 1st Berthoud played in their first competitive game of the season. They played Longmont High School at LHS. The game was well matched all the way through. Both teams were hitting the ball well, leading to a tied ball game going into the 6th inning. The score was 4-4 and both teams were looking to drive in the go-ahead run. Adrian Short came in to pitch, hoping to keep the hits to a minimum. He did a very good job on the mound establishing himself in the strike zone. He struck one batter out in the 6th and got a pop fly and two ground balls. Unfortunately, he let up one run due to fielding errors earlier in the inning. Berthoud could not come back to hit in the top of the 7th inning, going three up, three down to end the game.

Although this was a tough loss, it was a very good game, all things considered. There are a few freshmen and juniors on the team who have never been on varsity. In addition, it has been hard to play games all year long, so everyone was getting back into the rhythm of the game. Give them a few games to settle in, and Berthoud will begin to do great things.

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