Berthoud Baseball Defeated by Riverdale Ridge

On Wednesday, May 5, Berthoud Baseball went down to Broomfield for their first away game of the season. The game was originally scheduled for May 4th at home, but rain postponed it. When asked about his thoughts on the weather this past week, Coach Kouns stated, “It's been hard to sit at home and watch the fields get soaked. It's May and I want to play some baseball. I’m definitely looking forward to the nice weather coming up.”

When the game started at 4 pm, both teams were electric on the mound. Matt came out and shut Riverdale down for the first 3 innings, recording 9 strikeouts and letting up one hit. Riverdale’s pitcher was cutting through the Berthoud lineup as well, recording 5 strikeouts and 3 hits, and one walk by the 3rd inning. A few passed balls allowed 3 runs to score, putting Berthoud in the lead 3-0.

In the fourth inning of the game, Matt’s stamina began to stretch thin. He let up 3 hits in the fourth, putting Riverdale in contention 3-2. For the rest of the game, Riverdale kept their bats hot, hitting every pitcher Berthoud threw at them. In the end, Riverdale won 9 runs to 5.

Berthoud now holds two losses on the season, although this is the first recorded loss. Berthoud still has a long season ahead of them. If they can get their pitching under control and start swinging the bats, they will surely earn a playoff spot.

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